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Affiliate Program






               Do you want to EARN a FREE BIKE or CASH!   Heres your chance.    Weve decided to give our loyal MEGAVOLT ARMY Friends an easier way to get a unit or make some cash t use on whatever they choose.   ITS NOT CHUMP CHANGE EITHER!   MAKE $225 ON ANY REFERRAL FOR ANY MODEL IN STOCK to family/ friends etc.  

 Just click on this link below and sign up !  Its a simple process and you actually get your own stat page to track what your doing to always know your status.   It costs nothing and PLENTY TO GAIN!    SIGN UP TODAY!    

( your info is always safe with us.  We’ll NEVER share, sell or otherwise any personal info) 

Just another way of saying thanks for your support!  We appreciate everyone.   Nobody else does this for bikes….but we do.