About Us

When we started MEGAVOLT (Superfly) Electro-Cycles® we really wanted to be as transparent as possible and offer the best product for the best price in the segment/niche.  Keeping out the “middleman” is one of the best ways we’ve been able to keep cost down and quality UP.  It’s never our goal to sell a cheaply made product just to turn a little profit.  We want the units to deliver long term fun because we want the business to be long term.  

You cant cut corners with materials/production and effectively maximize “bang for the buck” because unreliability is that end product. Youll never be Top Dawg and save the most in production too.  You may never be the cheapest either.  Thats OK.  Let the other guy have that trophy.  It’s as worthless as a 5th grade Putt Putt Trophy.  

You have to find ways to save in Marketing, Shipping and even sacrificing the final margin if needed.  A biz must make money to survive but theres also more important things than money.  We’d rather be #1 at Value and Delivering Good Times !  NOT delivering disappointment. Hearing a new buyer tell us how they love their ride is PRICELESS.   Hearing the words "Wow and Awesome”10 times a day is PRICELESS and we never get tired of it.  Were Top Quality for the price points of all of our units. Reliability and ( last but certainly not least)  we make sure “BADA$$”  is built into every unit.  Were BIG on Style.  Nothing “ Cheesy” will sit on our floor or roll out the door!  I don’t really think the other brands can say that.  Thats just fine for us. 

MEGAVOLT ELECTROCYCLES  Is a new brand in the US but our manufacturer is NOT new to this tech so replacement parts /accessories are no problem now or in the future.    We have great ideas coming to fruition in the very near future….(hint:  Motorcycle Models,  Hi Perf Packages, Big Wheel Models, Custom accessories like cool wrap kits for your favorite Teams, College, State, Business, Product Advertising etc!)   The surface has only been scratched. 

 When you get on one of our units you instantly feel how solid it is.  No Rattles, vibrations, clinks or clanks.  Only a solid riding experience with the perfect amount of weight to give you confidence to be a stared at Volt-rider wherever you want to go!    We really work hard on these units.   Their 2-wheel Cadillacs with the sound of a Tesla….EXACTLY….NO NOISE but the faint sound of rubber on asphalt.  Its the same at 50 mph as it is at 10mph.  Is a very UNIQUE experience. The E-Scooters WEIGH about 275 lbs and the E-Motorcycles around 600lbs !   Sure theres some plastic panels, thay all have those but that’s the REAL DEAL MADE FROM STEEL!  ( and Steel Alloys).  Think about this.  A Full size 250/450cc Motocross Dirt Bike from the Big 5 ( Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, KTM etc etc) is approx 230lbs !   They sell for $7500- $10,000 + nowadays.  Crazy, i know but the real point is….We cost much less and have more meat on our bones.  These ARE NOT plastic Toys.    Again, It’s a VERY UNIQUE experience when you’ve had gas combustion mobility all your life.   We want everyone to enjoy these as much as we do.   It’s a wild economic world and this trend is here to stay.   Thats why we promise to always discount them as much as we can through the variables we control.   MEGAVOLT EVs are something you can be proud to have, ride, and to also be a part of our growing MEGAVOLT Family.  Were glad your here!  Hope youll stick around and be a part of something great!

Thanks in advance for your loyalty

Chris McGee